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Mechanical constructions

One point of contact for the entire project

B&M Service B.V.

Mechanical Constructions

The development of this branch has increased considerably in recent years due to questions from customers who want to have only one point of contact for the entire project.

B&M Service B.V. designs independently or in close collaboration with the customer a wide variety of constructions. This can be a single piece/prototype or a series of machines. The constructions are mainly made of stainless steel.

B&M Service B.V. provides practical solutions.

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Dosing systems

Steel production industry

These skids are made for accurate dosing of oil and water so that this mixture can be used in the production of steel with the goal to get the pressure of the rolls as low as possible.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment

Process industry

Ultrasonic cleaning of process filters.
Version with extraction and lift.

Maintenance cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning of aviation components:

Process sequense:
Ultrasonic cleaning; Di-water rinsing; drip of position and hot air drying.

Equiped with built-in generator; air extraction; HMI control and hinged covers.

Maintenance / overhaul cleaning 

Standard ultrasonic cleaning tank for cleaning eg:
pump parts; diesel injectors; engine parts; house fans; carburettors; etc.

The tank is standard equiped with a HMI control and hinged cover.

Maintenance cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning of aviation components:

Process sequense:
Ultrasonic cleaning; rinse with agitation.

Equiped with built-in generator; HMI operation; hinged lids and a pump/filter on the ultrasonic bath.

Non Destructive Testing Equipment

FPI workbench

Workbench with air extraction for spraying penetrant liquid on parts that must be checked for material deviations.

Equipped with an "Andreae" harmonica filter; internal lighting; workarea with damping rubber, and a liquid sump.

Spray Cleaning Systems

Special Spray Cleaner

Custom-made spray washer for maintenance cleaning of Defense parts.

Process sequence:
High pressure spraying with warm alkaline solution from a storage vessel; high pressure spraying with warm tap water from a storage vessel; Hot air drying.

Equipped with built-in storage vessels; oil skimmer; air extraction; HMI operation; pneumatically operated access door; waste water container; adjustable parameters.

Ultrasonic Vapour Degreaser with deep cooling Chiller 

High-Tech Cleaning

Vapour degreaser combined with an Ultrasonic immersion cleaning bath and pump/filter for cleaning components for electron microscopes.

Process sequence:
Loading basket into the unit; automatic process consisting of:
Immersion into cleaning liquid; Ultrasonic cleaning; basket movement; vapour rinse position; drying position; basket unloading.

Equipped with vapour producing bath; automatic sliding cover; Pump/filter unit; HMI control; Deep cooling separate chiller; Automatic process; adjustable parameter setting.

Other equipment


Specially developed 8-port negative pressure safety workbench for handling aircraft parts.

Equipped with various dosing pumps for different liquids; extendable worktop; internal fluid connections; temperature regulation; HMI operation and extraction.

Pump Filter Unit

Standard pump/filter unit applicable for several machines.

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