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Control cabinets / Panel constructions

Control cabinets and panel constructions are the heart of the circuit. After designing in E-plan, the next step is assembling the different components. Everything exactly according to the design. The to be connected wiring completes the circuit This wiring is installed and checked according to the latest standards.

Control Technology

Advice, design and construction of complete control systems are projects that are often carried out by B&M Service B.V. Many applications are conceivable in the field of production and process systems in industrial environments. Such as very accurate dosing systems for the food industry; mixing systems for oil and water where a minimum amount of oil is consumed with a maximum efficiency; linear movements with precise repetition, for example in cleaning installations; process control / monitoring; etc.

Electrical; Mechanical
en Software engineering

Due to our own engineering we are able to built custom made control cabinets and panels. This process is carried out in close collaboration with the customer.
Supported by E-Plan and Solid Works, the engineers are able to set up professional projects and adjust them where necessary.
In addition we design the necessary required PLC programs. This is mainly for Siemens PLCs. Where other PC / PLC controls are desired, we have partners with whom we work closely together.

Service and Maintenance

Production machines must perform at their maximum every day to do what they are made for. Regular maintenance is necessary to guarantee this. The maintenance frequency is indicated by the customer and can be scheduled so that a message is automatically sent to the customer when it is time for a visit. It can then be determined well in advance when a shut down of the machine is possible.

B&M Service B.V. has extensive experience in performing preventative maintenance on machines across the country. So-called remote access systems are used for installations abroad. This allows us to provide remote service, monitoring machines, set alarms and create high-quality data reports. In this way we can also quickly solve any malfunctions without long trips.

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