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Ultrasonic technology

Who determines whether something is clean? Or in other words "How much contamination may be left on an object to be cleaned"?

Operating principle:


The frequencies used for ultrasonic cleaning range from 20 kilohertz (kHz) to over 500 kHz and even 1 MHz. The most commonly used frequencies for industrial cleaning are those between 25 kHz and 120 kHz. Frequencies above 40 kHz are more commonly used for high precision cleaning, removal of small particles and delicate parts.

Ultrasonic Cleaning:


  • Quick, time saving cleaning.
  • Thorough cleaning often without disassembly.
  • Intensive cleaning in hard to reach places such as bore holes, threaded holes, gaps, pores, cavities.
  • Less heat is required and a relatively low concentration of chemicals is needed.
  • Less risk of damaging delicate, expensive components.
  • No damage to surface or finish layer.

Ultrasonic cleaning machines

     Ultrasonic cleaning machines from table model to standing unit can be expanded to a full line with rinse bath tap water, rinse bath demineralized water and dryer.          

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