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          New design
   Vapour degreaser

State-of-the-art vapour degreaser designed for the latest high performance solvency cleaning agents with safe, non flammable and low environmental impact products. This vapour degreaser can reach a very high cleaning grade upto atomic mass unit level according to ASML standards.

New Delivered                                                         

Speciale kast voor een "Dry TOST test method"

Specially made test box with specific components. Another happy customer!

Custom made control cabinet

Specially made control box with specific color.
This way we fully meet the customer's wishes.

New delivered

Ultrasonic cleaning module

Despite the Corona crisis, we were still able to supply a nice module for cleaning chain parts.
Ultrasonic cleaning and then rinsing with air agitation. Combined in one unit. In addition, the cleaning fluid is continuously filtered.
Nice project to make!

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